Empowering EMDR therapists to achieve balance and flexibility in their practice.

Say goodbye to burnout and hello to a fulfilling career while still being the parent you want to be.

Do you struggle with

Limited availability of EMDR-specific training and resources in some areas. Difficulty in finding clients who are willing to try EMDR therapy

Long work hours and high caseloads leading to burnout and compassion fatigue.

Uncertainty about how to market and promote their specialized EMDR skills to potential clients and referral sources.

Challenges in working with clients who may have experienced severe trauma or have a limited understanding of the therapeutic process.

Unlock the Secret to Running a Successful EMDR Therapy Practice with Carolyn Solo, LCSW

Your Certified Consultant and Business Coach
You’ll gain the skills and mindset necessary to attract more clients, provide effective treatment, and enhance your work-life balance.

Transform Your EMDR Therapy Practice with Our Expert Guide to Intensives

Let’s create the future template for your life as a parent and as a therapist!

Acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to apply a variety of protocols, interweaves, and resources to help clients overcome a range of presenting issues. Develop a quick and effective treatment plan using the RTEP and other valuable protocols, and have a toolbox of interweaves to apply in various situations.

Create a customized and flexible schedule that suits your clinical and personal needs, and develop an effective intensive structure that provides superior results for clients.

Create web copy for your intensives page, learn scripts for telling new and current clients about intensives, and get tips on using social media to attract clients.

Create a customized and flexible schedule that suits your clinical and personal needs, and develop an effective intensive structure that provides superior results for clients.

Learn all about the clinical tools you need to provide effective intensives, including parts work, targeted interweaves, assessing for dissociation and how to ground clients who are dissociating, and creating resources that are specifically tailored to your client’s needs

There is so much more to learn about all of these topics, and if you’d like to start implementing all of this in your practice QUICKLY, I can help!

Here are some additional benefits:

Save time and effort by getting personalized support and expert guidance in just one day

Get a clear roadmap and action plan to implement intensive therapies quickly and effectively

Improve your online presence and attract more clients with optimized web copy and marketing strategies

Enjoy ongoing support and troubleshooting for 30 days via Voxer and email to ensure your success

Increase your confidence and skills through hands-on training and tailored clinical tools

Gain access to proven tools and resources that can help you streamline your practice and achieve better results

The go-to podcast for EMDR therapists who want to work fewer hours, make more money, and have a better work/life balance.

Are you an EMDR therapist feeling overwhelmed by the one-to-one client model? Your caseload is packed and the lack of flexibility in your practice often leads to burnout and resentment because you can’t be the parent or the therapist you really want to be.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can see series of questions that are commonly asked by customers

In Carolyn’s coaching package, you will get 1 on 1 support that gives you all of the tools you need to get your intensive practice up and running in a single day. Carolyn will meet with you for five hours and give you the targeted and specialized support you need. You will receive access to a library of resources and templates. You will also receive a month of email and Voxer support after the coaching day.

Offering EMDR Intensives can provide several benefits for both therapists and clients. Intensives can help clients heal faster and with better results, while also reducing the risk of therapist burnout. Additionally, offering Intensives can be financially rewarding for therapists, as they can make more money while working fewer clinical hours.

To offer EMDR Intensives in your practice, you should have experience and training in EMDR therapy. It is also important to have a strong understanding of dissociation, parts work, and interweaves. Having a toolbox of interweaves that are appropriate for different presenting issues can be particularly valuable.

This VIP day package is offered for $2999.

To learn more about offering EMDR Intensives, you can schedule a free consultation with Carolyn Solo, LCSW, certified EMDR therapist and consultant, and business coach.

During the consultation, Carolyn can answer any questions you may have about offering EMDR Intensives and provide guidance on how to get started with implementing them in your practice.

To get started with offering EMDR Intensives, you should begin by changing your mindset and internalizing the belief that Intensives will help clients heal faster and with better results.

You will also need to update your website copy to reflect the benefits of Intensives for clients and optimize it for SEO.

Marketing is also important for reaching out to referral sources and connecting with potential ideal clients. You will need to decide on your schedule and intensive structure and develop a toolbox of clinical tools such as interweaves and protocols like RTEP.