Ep 13 The Real Experience of Being an EMDR Therapist & A Parent

The Real Experience of Being an EMDR Therapist & a Parent

In this episode of “The Future Template Parent” podcast, we dive into the intricacies of being a parent and an EMDR therapist. Balancing these two roles requires skill and finesse.

The Benefits of Offering Intensives as a Parent Therapist

Intensives can be a game-changer for parent therapists. Not only do they provide financial security and flexibility, but their condensed format aligns well with the demands of parenthood. The ability to schedule and reschedule clients easily is invaluable when little ones rely on you.

Learning from Clients and Transforming Our Parenting Journey

As therapists who are also parents, we have a unique opportunity to gain invaluable insights into parenting techniques through our work with clients. Hearing their experiences and witnessing their growth can be transformative for our own parenting journey. However, it’s essential to recognize moments of overwhelm and seek support when needed.

Challenges of Working with Trauma and Sexual Abuse

Working with clients who have experienced trauma, especially sexual abuse, can be emotionally taxing. As therapists, we strive to create a safe space for healing, but actively practicing self-care and seeking support is crucial in order to process our own emotions effectively.

Maintaining Objectivity When Our Clients’ Children’s Ages Overlap

One of the unique challenges we face as parent therapists is when our clients’ children’s ages overlap with ours. It can be difficult to separate our work from our personal lives and not let our own perspective as parents influence our therapy. Striking a balance between empathy and objectivity is an ongoing journey.

Sharing Personal Experiences as a Parent of a Child with Autism

In this episode, I share my own experiences as a parent of a child with autism. We explore common challenges such as potty training and sleep issues, shedding light on the realities that many parents face. Creating a sense of community and support through open and honest conversations is essential.

Grounding Techniques and Self-Care in Therapy

Throughout the podcast, we emphasize the importance of grounding techniques and self-care in therapy. Taking care of ourselves is crucial to show up fully for our clients and our families. Individual consultations, peer support, and group consultations are valuable resources to prevent burnout and maintain professional relationships.

Setting Sustainable Rates and Investing in Professional Development

Setting sustainable rates for consultations and prioritizing our own professional development is vital. We must ensure we have the financial means to invest in ourselves, allowing us to continue providing quality care to our clients.

Being a parent and an EMDR therapist presents its own set of challenges, but it is also incredibly rewarding. Through this podcast, we aim to provide a platform for open and honest conversations about the intersection of these two roles and support others who may be navigating similar paths.