Ep 15: Client Success Story: How EMDR Intensive Therapy Transformed Allie Kidd’s Practice

Client Success Story: How EMDR Intensive Therapy Transformed Allie Kidd's Practice Future Template Parent Podcast

Allie Kidd, a licensed independent and clinical social worker in Ohio and New York, has dedicated her career to helping individuals overcome various challenges. Born and raised in California, she relocated to New York in 2012, where she worked as a case manager for Harlem United, an agency assisting people living with HIV and substance abuse.

In 2022, Allie became a mother. While finding comfort in her new role, she also experienced feelings of being overwhelmed. It was during this time that she discovered Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, a transformative approach that would greatly impact her practice and interactions with clients.

One of the key aspects Allie appreciates about EMDR is its flexibility. Unlike traditional therapy techniques that rely heavily on worksheets and homework assignments, EMDR takes a more holistic approach. Allie understands that many of her clients already feel overwhelmed and adding another task to their plate can be discouraging. With EMDR, she begins by exploring the root causes of emotions and pain in the body, tailoring the therapy to each individual’s unique experiences and needs.

Through her training and implementation of EMDR, Allie integrates an attachment-based model into her practice. By starting at the core of the issue and addressing emotional experiences and traumas, she helps her clients move toward healing and growth. Allie believes in the importance of being flexible with EMDR, adapting the therapy to suit the specific goals and themes her clients wish to work on.

As a mother herself, Allie understands the limited time and energy constraints that come with parenthood. She empathizes with clients who may want to avoid committing to weekly therapy sessions due to their busy schedules. Therefore, she offers intensive therapy sessions that allow clients to delve deeply into their specific focus areas without long-term commitment. The intensity of these sessions helps to accelerate progress, allowing clients to experience positive shifts and gain a sense of relief.

Allie emphasizes that EMDR therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, it is a collaborative process where clients actively participate in setting their treatment goals. By using workbooks and guiding clients through the process, Allie helps them gain clarity and focus on the changes they want to achieve..

Through her certifications and working with experienced consultants like Carolyn, Allie ensures that she remains up-to-date and knowledgeable about the latest developments in EMDR therapy. This commitment to ongoing education and professional growth allows her to provide the best possible care to her clients.

In conclusion, Allie Kidd’s journey with EMDR therapy has not only transformed her life as a mother but also enhanced her practice as a therapist. By embracing the flexibility and individualized nature of EMDR, she empowers her clients to overcome their challenges and create meaningful change. If you’re a mom or anyone interested in EMDR, follow Allie on Instagram for relatable and entertaining content.