My Transformative Experience With EMDR Therapy

I’m Carolyn Solo, a licensed clinical social worker, EMDR consultant, and a mother of three daughters. I recently launched “The Future Parent Template Podcast” with the first episode detailing my journey with EMDR therapy and how it became the primary focus of my practice.

Initially, I was skeptical about EMDR therapy as an effective trauma treatment. But as I continued learning more about it and saw remarkable results in my clients, I now almost exclusively offer EMDR intensives in my practice. Through the podcast, I share what drew me to explore EMDR therapy further, why I find it so appealing, how I introduced EMDR therapy into my practice, the changes I had to make, and why I believe it’s such a powerful tool for healing.

In the 1st episode, I discuss various topics such as my motivations for seeking effective trauma treatment, initial skepticism of EMDR therapy, remarkable results of longer client sessions, personal EMDR experience, recommendations for therapists, benefits of therapist consultation groups, challenges with daughter’s kindergarten transition, and family dynamics. I also encourage therapists to go through EMDR to fully understand their clients’ experiences and work through their issues.

My practice, Integritas Wellness and Recovery, is dedicated to helping trauma survivors and moms create meaning out of their pasts for a peaceful future. We also assist couples who are experiencing challenges during pregnancy and postpartum to feel more connected and confident in their roles as parents and partners.

“The Future Parent Template Podcast” is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about EMDR therapy, its benefits, and how it can help those who have experienced trauma. I provide a unique perspective on the topic, making it informative and relatable.

You can connect with me through my website,, Instagram accounts @integritas_wellness_recovery and @futuretemplateparent, and a 30-minute discovery call via

My podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in learning more about EMDR therapy and its benefits. My journey and insights make it an engaging and informative platform that provides valuable resources to those who have experienced trauma. With my expertise as a licensed clinical social worker, EMDR consultant, and mother, I bring a unique perspective and understanding to parenting and mental health.