This Intensives VIP Day changed my practice! I’m still in shock that after 1 day, I learned so much and have now implemented an EMDR intensive model in my practice. Carolyn broke down the day into manageable parts by topics though it didn’t feel rigid or one size fits all.

From pricing my intensives in a way that felt right for me (and honored the amount of work, time and training I’ve put in) to giving me a marketing plan to get off the ground, Carolyn covered all the bases. After one day, I felt comfortable explaining the model to referral sources and clients, and felt confident in the price I set.

The templates provided to me have been so helpful! From scripts for cold emails, to what to say to existing clients who would be a good fit, she has thought of everything. I love that included in the price of the VIP day is that I get to keep the resources which in itself is a huge win for me. I can always refer back to her template for creating a web page for EMDR Intensives and the other marketing scripts, too.

For me, Carolyn’s knowledge, comfort, personal style and ability to really teach were outstanding. I’ve worked with a few EMDR consultants and Carolyn somehow found a way to teach and review protocols that were formerly just very nebulus and intimidating to me. She broke them down, gave me protocols in her words to keep and I have already used them with clients, just days after my Intensive! Specifically, her blending (lol) of parts work and EMDR was helpful and gave me additional tools and resources for how to conceptualize interweaves.

Being able to use hours with Carolyn toward my EMDR certification was the cherry on top because the whole 5 hours with her just felt like I was getting triple the benefit compared to what I paid. Marketing info, clinical info, consultation hours, and scripts and templates to keep forever? This is a no brainer and I am so happy I went with my gut and scheduled with her!


EMDR therapist